Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Projects and Games For Your Child Digital Camera

Now most of the digital cameras that are designed to be used by your child come with project software that lets your child use the photos they took to play games, create puzzles and be creative.

But if you are into photography also there are some fun interactive camera projects that you can do with your child to spark their creativity.

1) Plan out a photo shoot with your child, decide on a location to photograph and you both bring your digital cameras.

2) Pick a game to play:

The alphabet game: Have your child take a picture of an object beginning with A-and continue through each letter of the alphabet.

Scavenger hunt: Provide a list of specific things to find and photograph, style (a cat, a fire hydrant, a tree, etc).

Story line: Have your child take photos that will follow a storyline.

3) Let them use the pictures they took with their child digital camera to make a presentation for the whole family to see!