Monday, October 29, 2007

New Child Digital Camera Reviews

Well I know with the holidays coming that toys for your child are on your mind (and your TV), so I started researching what child digital cameras will be on the market this year. Most of the child digital cameras I reviewed last year before the holidays are still going to big sellers this year since there are only a couple new digital cameras for kids. Please check back soon for reviews, side by side comparison and this year’s best child digital camera.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Protect Your Child While On the Internet

The reason you are looking for a child digital camera right now is because the kids today are more tech savvy then ever before. They do not learn how to use a computer in a class as we once did; their lessons are taught on the computer in class. Between using the computer for studying and homework as well as for fun (uploading photos from their child digital camera!), your child spends a lot of time on your home computer. So much time that it would be impossible for you to supervise the websites they visit, the material they look at or conversations with friends. That is why you should check out this parental control software for your PC that records everything your child does online, so you can keep and eye on them online even when you are not home. Click Here to learn more.