Thursday, November 19, 2009

Child Digital Camera Watch

Discovery Digital Camera Watch

Discovery Digital Camera Watch $17.47

This child digital camera is an exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. This miniature camera is the perfect playmate for future-spies! You can snap pictures discretely and easily while checking the time. Cutting edge technology allows you to secretly take photos and upload them to the computer. Email photos or use as a web cam. Takes up to 152 pictures, photo editing and spy cam software included. Also includes: USB connector cable, CD-ROM software, User Manual and 1 year warranty.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What To Look For When Buying A Child Digital Camera

What to look for when buying a child digital camera

When buying a child digital camera, you are looking at a lot of the same functions and features as you would be on an adult digital camera. The difference is, you have to make sure your child digital camera comes with such options as a flash, zoom and expandable memory that you may be used to being standard in a regular camera. Then there are the things you are not used to looking for; one or two eye viewing, big simple buttons and an extra tough outer shell that will take a beating.