Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crayola's Child Digital Camera

The first new child digital camera that caught my eye was the Crayola Digital Camera because of the bright colors and unusal EZ grip design. Crayola’s child digital camera from Digital Concepts is a digital camera, video camera and web camera all in one. It has VGA resolution, a 1.3" Preview Screen, Color Genie Photo Editing Software and comes with a one year warranty. Check out the feature list below for all the details.
  • Digital resolution 640 X 480 pixels
  • Includes 1.3" Preview Screen
  • VGA Resolution
  • Includes Color Genie Photo Editing Software
  • Workshop to make Photo Frames
  • Create Puppets
  • Edit Center and Game Center
  • Rubberized durable camera with EZ-grip handles
  • One year warranty
  • Available in either purple or green

Check back for more child digital camera reviews on the new kids cams coming out for the holidays!


jimmy3000 said...

I bought this for my five year old. What a mistake! Poor construction, poor documentation, poor picture quality. Never in a million years would I expect to see the name "Crayola" on something that is so poorly made. I'm going to see if I can return it and get something she can use, this thing is garbage.

feer214 said...

Its a hunk of junk!!!!! nothing but a headache to d/l & uninstall program now it says problem with connection. I will be returning this product back to Walmarts and NEVER will I purchase anyhitng from Sakar co.