Thursday, December 27, 2007

Child Digital Camera Review

Now that you have all bought the latest model kid digital camera for that special child's holiday gift, I need your help to review them. It would be very helpful to let others searching to buy a child digital camera to find your opinion on your child's camera.

First, click comment below (or you can find a post about the same camera you bought and comment to that) and let us know what type of child digital camera you have. Next write a review of the camera, was the child digital camera easy to use for your kid? Was the software easy to install or did it give you problems? What did you like best, what did you like least? Does your child have fun with the digital camera?

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Matthew Miller said...

This may be of interest: a review of a $10 keychain camera (written by a "serious" photographer), which looks like it competes in specifications with many of the designed-for-kids cameras but for only $10. (In fact, the output looks better than what I've seen from many kids' cameras.) Sure, it's not padded or protected, but there's also not much to break, and hey, ten bucks.