Monday, December 03, 2007

Child Digital Camera Reviews

It is really hard to decide on a child digital camera to buy when it seems there are so many negative reviews and the list of features sounds so similar. There really are very few good reviews for any model child digital camera mostly do to the fact that the parents are the ones giving it. Most parents who write a review are shocked by the very low megapixels and poor quality of the LCD screen and then are some who had problems installing the camera or uploading the photos. Although they get poor reviews, the child loves using the camera, they do not seem to care as much about the picture quality, all they do is point and shoot and the uploading of photos onto the computer is usually done by the parents.

Okay so you may be thinking, should I even buy a digital camera made for a child or should I by an inexpensive, point and shoot digital camera? If you are buying them their first digital camera to start their interest in photography or as an educational toy then a kid digital camera with the big buttons, two eye viewer and games is the best bet. Now, if the child already has expressed a liking in photography and has taken pictures with an adult camera a kid digital camera might disappoint because of the low megapixel and low flash capabilities.

As far as the features, I am going to try to make it easier to look at the feature of different child digital cameras side by side on a chart, it should post it in the next couple days.

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